Hi! I am Kawena (Gwen Gordon)

I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. I feel very privileged at my age (88 years young) to feel as well & active as I do. I credit this to being a great believer in the Power of the Breath, & the Power of the Mind.

My happiness and enthusiasm have never been stronger & I find my work extremely exciting & rewarding. I am also healthier & have much more energy than at middle age. I love doing Life Direction/Angel Card Readings which help guide & inspire others.

I'm very passionate about Quality Breathing & love to teach that most of all.

I have produced three Meditation CD’s “Meditation Made Easy”, “The Art of Breathing Made Easy” and “Meditation Made Easy For Children”. All three include an introduction & guided Meditations. They were created to help others empower themselves. As they are very easy to follow especially for the beginner.

My greatest joy in life is helping people understand what wonderful potential lies in each and everyone of us.

Love and Happiness to you all