Angels are very high vibrational light energy most have not had an earthly incarnation (life). They are God’s Universal Messengers –

In early times even Pope Pius in 1857 prayed to his Guardian Angel and guided others to do the same when the going got rough. He particularly told parents to tell their children they were not alone. He also made a speech to Americans about an invisible world populated with Angels

Edgar Cayce (psychic and healer) also worked with what he called The Angel Energy. More than anything Angels bring (extend) us the unconditional love and light of the Source.

They never intrude and never take away our personal power or the ability to make our own choices in life. They are simply there to lean on and ask for guidance and help along the way.

God created the Angels with the power of loving thought and in our rush to achieve success – qualifications or money, we often move away from the simplicity of life and may have lost contact with our guiding and protective Angels. We can re-establish this contact so easily when we make the simple choice to open ourselves to their love and protection offered so freely.

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** cards & book by Ambika Wauters **


* Bring us unconditional love and light from the Creator.
* Can help us heal physically, mentally and emotionally
* They can help us care and share with others

The more we connect with them the easier each challenge becomes. The simple acceptance and belief in Angels helps us commune with the power of God. They are simply messengers – guardians and helpers. We are acknowledging their existence and Gods when we thank them in gratitude.