Deep breathing is necessary to help us relax and still the mind. We automatically strengthen the immune system when we draw in extra Oxygen and provide our bodies with more energy to work with.

Because our brains become more energised with the extra Oxygen we can make clearer decisions and connect much easier with the creative side of the brain.

Even students find study and exams are a lot easier to cope with when they practise deep breathing as all energy levels are higher. OXYGEN fuels the ENERGY PROCESS. It activates and re-energises every cell and chakra in the body and the aura.

The best breathing exercise of all is called Abdominal Breathing, or what is generally called “Belly Breathing.” It oxygenises the whole body from top to toe, exercising the stomach muscles and organs also cleanses out any stale air from the bottom of the lungs.

BreathingBelly Breathing Exercise

1. Learn while lying down
2. Gently draw the breath in through the nose filling the lungs up as you push the stomach out.
3. Hold the breath to the count of four; pushing the stomach out makes more room for the lungs to expand to contain more oxygen.
4. Then push the air out through pursed lips, squeezing in the stomach muscles.
5. Gently but firmly keep squeezing the muscles cleansing out all the stale air, viruses and micro germs from the bottom of the lungs.
6. Repeat five times = Morning, midday and evening, and whenever you need an extra burst of energy. Gradually increase to ten times at least.