Be Inspired and Self Empowered with Kawena's
Psychic Reading and Mentoring Package

Choose from any of the sessions below - approx 90mins (1.5 hours) each.
Each session is tailored to each person individual needs and desires.

GREAT VALUE - $150 each
Discounts available:
Book 2 sessions 10% discount (save $30)
Book 3 sessions 20% discount (save $90)

Green Guidance & Mentoring (Session 1): $150 for 1.5hrs
* Psychic reading to see future posiblities.
* Explore client's talents, needs and desires for immediate future.
* Learn to expand your energy levels.
* Learn to strengthen your mind, body and soul and spiritual journey.

Blue Guidance & Mentoring (Session 2): $150 for 1.5hrs
* Secrets of powerful manifesting of your dreams.
* Learn power breathing techniques

Purple Guidance & Mentoring (Session 3): $150 for 1.5hrs
* Learning about chakra and auric energy to promote self, others and distance healing
* Concluding your experience Kawena with whatever else is desired to help you create self-love and self-confidence.

Also including in the price is a free copy of:
Kawena's Book "Happiness is a Breath Away" &
Kawena's audio CD "Meditation Made Easy"

How to pay for package options:
* Pay cash on the day of your session; or
* Click the "Add To Cart" button below and pay using your credit card or PayPal account.

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